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Guest Speaker: Richelle Flyod


Richele Floyd is the Director of Scholarships at the Aerospace Center for Excellence located at the Lakeland Linder International Airport. The main focus of her position is to engage, educate, and accelerate the next generation of aerospace professionals. Richele’s experience includes a B.S. in Civil Engineering, teaching certificates in Math and Science, and Certified Flight Instructor rating. Most recently, she was the acting Pilot in Command of the Lady Ace’s Air Race Classic team. Other attributes on Richele’s resume include, commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating, FAA Part 107 sUAS certificate, portfolio of STEM and aerospace curriculum, and conglomeration of professional memberships.


2022 ATHENA Award Finalists


Leadership Award


Organizational Award


Young Professional Award

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2022 ATHENA Award Nominees


Leadership Award


Alice Koehler • Amanda Walls • Ann Claussen • Cauney Bamberg • Danielle Drummond • Deborah Ruster • Dr. Ana Lipson • Dr. Martha Santiago • Dr. Sallie Stone • Emily Rogers • Jeanette Crowley • Jen Lay • Jennifer Canady • Jennifer Haynes • Jill Green • Laura Gaida • Meghan Griffin • Melody Rider • Michelle Netwal • Nyrka Riskin • Roxann Bonta • Sandi Silverman • Susan Arnold• Teri Saunders• Tramisha Wilson

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Central Florida Health Care • Help(her) • Inspiring Fitness • Lakeland Regional Health • My Pet’s Animal Hospital • Nyrka Riskin • PACE Center For Girls • Solid Start

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Ashley B. Barnett • Ashley G. Barnett • Callie Miller • Emily Colon • Erica Lupercio • Kassia Alamm • Kate Wallace • Margaret Briggs • Megan Ruscello • Meggie Hoeft • Sara Wright

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Past Recipients


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Ana Wood, Leadership Award

Top Buttons, Organizational Award

Laura Lear, Young Professional Award


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Dr. Angela Falconetti, Leadership Award

The Lunz Group, Organizational Award

Brenda Ramirez, Young Professional Award



Stacey Campbell-Domineck, Leadership Award

The Junior League of Greater Lakeland, Organizational Award

Lauren Albaum, Young Professional Award

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