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Auburndale High School’s project, Mastering Financial Literacy, has been selected to receive a grant as part of an initiative to fund financial health projects across the state. The grants from the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations are part of a $60,000 investment from Wells Fargo.

With the funding, Mr. Ball plans to teach the many facets of having financial wellbeing. When students reach high school, anxiety often increases as they navigate making decisions about college and careers. Managing finances wisely is a huge part of the equation. One in seven Americans live paycheck to paycheck. One in three Americans have learned the secrets to saving and planning financially. This program will provde multifaceted instruction and the financial tools to point students in the right direction. Students will work through the financial literacy modules receiving certificates for each and will work through the Florida Economic Council workbook as well. To authenticate learning, students will create a poster showing how they will put into practice healthy financial literacy principles on how to be one in three Americans not living paycheck to paycheck. To summarize learning, students will participate in an essay contest on the importance of financial well Being and avoiding living paycheck to paycheck. Wells Fargo representatives will be invited to participate throughout the project.

To receive support for this project, the local foundation applied to be selected as one of 11 projects across the state. The projects will help empower more than 300 of local students as they learn about savings, budgeting and making financially savvy decisions. 

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