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SPECIAL NOTE:  All canvass board meetings and vote tabulation will occur at the Election Operations Center located at 70 Florida Citrus Boulevard, Winter Haven.

Total Precincts                        172

Total Eligible Voters               463,894 as of Registration Deadline (October 11)

Democrat                    148,736

            Republican                  175,560

            Other                           139,598

Turnout thru October 31, 2022

                                                Total                Democrat        Republican      Other

 Ballots Mailed                        122,091           51,067             43,986             27,038

 Ballots Returned                    57,377             23,933             23,616             9,828

 Early Voting                            20,347             6,371               10,771             3,205

Sample Ballots           Click Here to View Sample Ballots

Vote by Mail

     Ballots must be received no later than 7 pm on November 8th 

Mail to P.O. Box 7, Auburndale, FL  33823 or

Return in person to:

  • Election Headquarters, 250 S Broadway Avenue, Bartow  
  • Election Operations Center, 70 Florida Citrus Boulevard, Winter Haven

     Last Day to Request a Ballot to be Mailed was Saturday, October 29th    

Early Voting                October 24 – November 5

                                    Daily, 9 am – 6 pm

                                    Click Here for a List of Early Voting Locations

Election Day               All polling locations are open from 7 am to 7 pm

                                    Click Here for a List of Polling Locations

Photography               In accordance with Florida Statute 102.031(5), no photography is permitted in

                                    the polling room or early voting area.

Protected Zone           In accordance with Florida Statute 102.031(4)(a) no one may solicit voters inside

                                    the polling place or within 150 feet of the entrance to any polling place or early

                                    voting site.  The clerk or supervisor shall designate the no-solicitation zone and

                                    mark the boundaries.  Solicitation includes seeking any vote, fact, opinion or

                                    contribution, distributing any political or campaign material, and conducting a

                                    poll, with the exception of exit polling. 

Social Media                                @PolkElections                     



Election Results          Available after 7 pm Election Night at

                                    Statewide results at

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