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LAKELAND, FL (October 20, 2022) – The City of Lakeland just completed the 42nd Annual Swan Roundup.  This event allows the City’s swan veterinarian to oversee the health and vitality of Lakeland’s swan flock.  Dr. Price Dickson from My Pet’s Animal Hospital and her staff provided wellness examinations on the 73 swans that make up the Lake Morton flock.  There are three different breeds on swans including Mute Swans, Australian Black Swans and one lone Black Necked Swan.

The swans on Lake Morton are prolific breeders and over the past two years there has been a boost in the Lakeland swan population.  In 2020, the City conduced a swan sale that got the swan flock down to 48.  The City will hold another swan sale on October 28, 2022, and will sell 28 swans.  There are seven pair (male and female) of Australian Black Swans, three pair of Mute Swans, and three single Mute Swan males.  There are five young swans that the City is waiting on their DNA results to identify their sex. These swans will be part of the sale and the list of available birds will be updated once the sex is determined.

Those interested in purchasing a pair or one of the single swans must put their name on a list by contacting Tiffany Steele with Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Division.  Please either email at or call 863/834-8424 to put your name on the list for purchase.  Those wishing to purchase swans from the City of Lakeland must prove that they have a predator free environment with an appropriate water source.  The swans have recently had their wellness check and are in good medical standing.  The swans have been pinioned and microchipped.  The swans will be sold at $600 per pair and $350 for the single males.

Possible buyers will be put on the list in the order received and the swans will be sold in that order.  Buyers from the list will be notified on Thursday, October 27th and must make arrangements to pick-up their swans at 10 a.m. on Friday, October 28th at Lake Morton.  Buyers must provide their own means of transport for the swans.  Birds will be sold in order based on the list of buyers.

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