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Lakeland, FL., October 14, 2022 – Nicholas and Ashley Barnett are pleased to announce Zoey’s Butterfly House. Named after their daughter Zoey, the Butterfly House will reside within Bonnet Springs Park with several types of flora present. Nicholas and Ashley serve as a few of the founding members of the Park, including their family members Wesley Barnett, Barney Barnett and Carol Jenkins Barnett. 

Zoey’s Butterfly House features many types of flora including Royal Poinciana, Desert Cassia, Wisteria, Tibouchina, Ice Cream Banana, Cavendish Banana, Cat Palm, Philodendron, Blue/White Plumago, Beautyberry, Coontie, Milkweed, three varieties of Lantana and Mondo Grass. There will also be monarchs, a water feature and two large butterfly statues present.

“Bonnet Springs Park is proud to join the movement of protecting and saving monarch butterflies. With the species joining The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s endangered species list, we were excited when the Barnett’s approached the Park with this gift. We cannot wait for the community to explore this luscious pollinator habitat on October 22.” CEO Josh Henderson said. 

Outside of Zoey’s Butterfly House will be two large butterfly sculptures with watercolor design entitled, “Fluttering Flowers” by local artist Emily Plank. Each butterfly will honor Nicholas and Ashley’s mothers, Carol Jenkins Barnett and Tammy Gibson Dillard. 

In Emily Plank’s artist statement she explains, “I was asked to honor the memory of two incredible women with these two butterfly sculptures, Tammy Gibson Dillard and Carol Jenkins Barnett, in doing so I spent hours reading other tributes pulling keywords to work from. I wanted to honor each woman with their unique bouquet of flowers. There are four flowers on both sculptures: pink carnations for a mother’s love, yellow roses for friendship and joy, daffodils representing rebirth, optimism, prosperity and happiness, and finally orchids standing for respect, strength and beauty.

Tammy has a unique bouquet of peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, gladiolus, locus, apple blossom, iris and begonia representing love, honor, happiness, faith, perfect love, gratitude, counselor, integrity, optimism and integrity. The apple blossom also represents Tammy being from Michigan. Her bouquet overall I wanted to stand for her faith, generosity, kindness and joy she exuded for life and represent the counselor, educator, coach, and friend she was to all. 

Carol has a unique collection of flowers that represent her love of travel as some are native to Colorado and others thrive in more tropical climates. There are birds of paradise, orange blossoms, aspen leaves, blue bells, Indian paint brushes, and the columbine flower. These stand for constancy, humility, faithfulness, thoughtfulness, virtue, fortitude, inner knowingness and embracing our own innate special qualities. The Aspen tree is also called the tree of Heroes, I found that fitting as Carol was a hero and champion for so many acts of good work in our community.”

Bonnet Springs Park aims to enrich the community by combining and promoting the use of nature, culture, recreation, and education. Zoey’s Butterfly House will support the community by providing a natural space for all to escape, engage, and explore.


Bonnet Springs Park is a blended urban/natural 168-acre Park centrally located in Lakeland, Florida scheduled to open in 2022. Bonnet Springs Park is designed to create spaces to escape, engage, and explore while experiencing and learning about the extraordinary history of Central Florida. Bonnet Springs Park is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to enrich the community through nature, culture, recreation, and education. The Park serves to unify Central Florida’s diverse population, offering public spaces that serve the needs of many by providing engaging and unique opportunities in education and recreation to residents and visitors. The vision of Bonnet Springs Park is to be a place within walking distance to our city’s urban core where art, recreation, fun, and tranquility intersect by design. 

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