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We are five weeks away from the General Election on November 8th, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce continues to be the unifying voice for business in Florida politics. Following a successful Primary Election for Florida’s business community where 37 of 40 Chamber-backed candidates saw election wins, the Florida Chamber has released its 2022 General Election Voter Guide previewing the choices Florida voters face on the packed general election ballot that includes a U.S. Senate seat, the entire congressional delegation, the Florida Cabinet, state legislature, and three proposed Constitutional Amendments. 

Download the 2022 General Election Voter Guide Here

The Florida Chamber helps to secure Florida’s future and keep Florida competitive by fighting for free enterprise and job creation, while working to fix Florida’s broken and unfair legal system. With no official state election guide, the Florida Chamber provides one free of charge to keep voters informed about candidates (both Democrats and Republicans) who are focused on creating jobs and diversifying Florida’s economy. This voter guide will provide Floridians with the information they needto participate in what promises to be a consequential election for Florida’s future.

“Through its Florida Chamber Political Institute, the Florida Chamber goes to great lengths interviewing hundreds of candidates each election cycle to ensure Chamber-backed candidates will champion free enterprise, job creation and keep Florida moving in the right direction,” said Florida Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mark Wilson. 

General Election vote-by-mail ballots are being distributed, and voters are gathering information and making decisions on candidates and amendments. To date, over 4.1 million Floridians have requested a vote-by-mail ballot, which is nearly 30% of all active registered voters in Florida.

“As the Florida Chamber continues to move Florida forward, our General Election Voter Guide will help voters decide which candidates stand for job creation, economic growth and the policies that will keep Florida, Florida,” said Florida Chamber Political Council Chair Tracy Duda Chapman. “Further, it will make clear who has earned the trust of Florida’s business community through our endorsement process – allowing Floridians to cut through the noise and understand the facts about which candidates are right for local businesses and continued job growth.”

With hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to influence your vote in Florida, Floridians deserve a nonpartisan, pro-business look at the choices they face on the ballot this November. The Florida Chamber’s voter guide, which will be shared by job creators across Florida, may be viewed here.

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