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The September edition of Florida By The Numbers is now available. This month, new Research Economist for the Florida Chamber Foundation, Sheridan Meek, provides an analysis of Florida’s latest employment statistics, trade and logistics, and more.

In August, over 9.4 million Floridians were employed – up 20,000 from July. Unemployment rose by 10,000 and resulted in an unchanged rate of 2.7%. Since February 2020, Florida has seen an additional net gain of nearly 372,000 new jobs beyond pre-pandemic employment levels. Leisure and Hospitality is the only sector with lower employment than pre-pandemic, but with the difference last month dropping to less than 1%, a full recovery is expected next month.

In other news, export-related Trade, Logistics, and Manufacturing jobs in Florida hit 1.1 million – a 100,000 increase from 2020. This increase indicates Florida is well on its way to reaching the 1.3 million jobs in this sector by 2030, a goal outlined in the Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Study.

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