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While we live in an uncertain world roiled by dangerous geopolitical tensions with an increasingly divided electorate, fragile economy and dysfunctional federal government, there is one constant: the power of a unified business community to drive the outcomes necessary to keep Florida the leading state for opportunity and prosperity. Year after year, the Florida Chamber of Commerce remains on the front lines of fighting for the right outcomes on issues that impact your business, your employees and Florida’s competitiveness. We are building the 2023 Florida Business Agenda to get things done (and ensure the wrong things don’t) in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., and we want your opinions on how to make Florida more competitive. Research shows that job creators and legislators recognize the Florida Chamber as Florida’s leading voice for business, and now we need you to unite and help make our voice stronger by letting us know your views on Florida’s current landscape and what our legislative and regulatory priorities need to be going forward. Each year, the Florida Chamber presents the Legislature and Executive Branch with a policy roadmap for how to grow and diversify Florida’s economy, known as the Florida Business Agenda. However, in some sessions, what is defeated is as important as what passes, and for a recap of not just the progress made but the anti-business bills defeated and unfinished business remaining, click here for our 2022 session recap. Florida’s annual Business Agenda is a member-driven, pro-jobs agenda representing business of all sizes from Pensacola to Key West, and all economic sectors and industries across Florida. The agenda is based on sound policy and economic research and data from the Florida Chamber Foundation. It is strengthened by the input of thousands of chamber members, local chambers, and partnering associations – like you – representing a united business community.  
We invite you to please take a few minutes to tell us what your business needs from your elected officials to help your company, industry, and employees compete as we unite business to grow and diversify Florida’s economy and to secure Florida’s future. Your leadership, expertise and feedback has never been more essential. Please complete our short survey and help us set Florida’s 2023 Business Agenda today. 
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