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Getting a Summer of Safety pass for middle and high school students is now as easy as taking a screen shot on your smart phone.

Click this link,…/upl…/summer-of-safety-flyer.pdf grab a screen shot of the Summer of Safety Pass, show it to the bus operator and you are good to go. Ride everywhere our buses go from May 31 to August 9 at no charge. Special thanks to New Beginnings High School, the sponsor of the program.

Citrus Connection and New Beginnings High School have teamed up to bring young passengers the Youth of Summer Safety program for 2022 providing an opportunity for students, ages 12-18, unlimited ridership on all Citrus Connection routes throughout Polk County during normal operating hours for FREE!!

Students have three ways to gain access to the program. They can get the screenshot of the Summer of Safety pass, have a valid student I.D. card or a physical Summer of Safety Card when they board the bus.

Starting Tuesday, May 31, the Summer of Safety program will provide crucial transportation options throughout the summer for students. The program, the first of its kind in the United States, will continue to be a countywide program. This year’s program will conclude August 9.

The partnership between New Beginnings High School and Citrus Connection with the Universal Access Program has been tremendous throughout the last few years and both organizations are honored to be part of a program that provides students with summer transportation options.

As we welcome another summer, we know a lack of transportation poses the biggest hurdle for students during the summer months. Most households are dual-income families, meaning both cars are at work leaving the children at home, without transportation options.

For older youth, the Summer of Safety opens possible summer employment and internship opportunities. Public transit vehicles operate daily providing access to many large and small employers. A day on public transit can provide access to hundreds of potential employers.

Many thanks to New Beginnings High School for its funding of this program and continued support. With its help, this program is funded completely through sponsorship.

Don’t let the summer pass you by. Hop on the bus for a Summer of Safety.

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