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LAKELAND, FL – The Breast Cancer Foundation of Central Florida (BCFCF) received the third $100,000 donation from the Watson Clinic Foundation on October 22, 2021. 

“By easing the emotional, psychological and emotional burdens faced by patients and family members following a cancer diagnosis, the BCFCF creates an environment for the patient that’s free from unnecessary stress and more conducive to healing,” said Watson Clinic Foundation Chairman of the Board Steven G. Achinger, MD. “Their goals fall right in line with the Foundation’s mission to improve the health of our community through education, research and service, and that’s why we’re proud to support their efforts.” 

Dr. Achinger presented the larger-than-life sized check during the 4thannual Pink Ribbon Gala, held at Haus820. Watson Clinic Foundation graciously surprised BCFCF with a $100,000 donation in 2019, with the promise to do so for two more consecutive years.   

“BCFCF was thrilled to receive the third $100,000 donation promised by the Watson Clinic Foundation in 2019,” says BCFCF Outreach Director, Mandy Middleton. “Covid has caused many uncertainties, and it is important that we continue to help cover non-medical living expenses for Central Florida breast cancer patients and their families during these challenging times. We are eternally grateful and thankful to the Watson Clinic Foundation and all our donors and volunteers for their continued support of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Central Florida.”  

The mission of the BCFCF is to ease the financial worries of Central Florida breast cancer patients and their families. The foundation’s financial assistance program helps breast cancer patients with non-medical financial expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments, utility payments, car repairs or payments, or gas for treatment travel, while a patient is in active treatment. In addition, the BCFCF has a children’s fund that provides financial compensation for each child in the household upon initial application approval and during the holidays. Furthermore, through awareness initiatives, the BCFCF shares both the facts and myths about breast cancer, spreads the word that breast cancer can affect ALL ages AND sexes, advocates for self-breast exams to enhance early detection, encourages yearly mammogram screenings, and offers mentor-ship connections for patients as they are going through treatment.  

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