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LAKELAND, FL (October 28, 2021) – On Tuesday, November 2nd starting at 7 p.m., a contractor working for the City of Lakeland Wastewater Collection Division will be performing a sewer repair to seal off groundwater leakage into the sewer main beneath Chiles Street. The area where work will be done is adjacent to the Main Library and the Polk Museum of Art off Lake Morton. This repair is planned to be completed by accessing the sewer main through existing manholes with no excavation. Once started, the work is expected to take eight hours to complete.  Chiles Avenue will be closed to through traffic between Lake Morton Drive and Michigan Avenue. However, local traffic will be able to still access Chiles Street with the exception of the immediate work area. Appropriate traffic control and detour signage will be in place, with both Palmetto Street and Vistabula Street as detour options.

The contractor will insert several expanding sleeves that will lock in place against the side of the sewer main at the locations where groundwater intrusion is taking place. The insertion process is similar to a heart surgeon inserting a stent into an artery. The sleeve will go into the pipe at a narrower diameter, and once it is in the correct spot, a pressurized “balloon” will cause the sleeve to expand against the pipe walls and lock into place. This proven method effectively seals off the pipe from the outside groundwater without having to manually dig up pipes.

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