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At, we know how hard the pandemic has been on parents and teens, especially as they try to navigate school together, and that’s why we developed a guide about teen mental health during quarantine. We break down what studies are saying about how teens have fared during COVID-19, and our Teen Mental Health During Quarantine Guide offers in-depth information in several more areas, including:

  • Statistics about teen mental health
  • Factors that have played a role in teen mental health during the pandemic
  • The difference between depression, anxiety, and sadness
  • How to spot mental health issues in teens
  • Tips for parents and teens to help improve their mental health

We’d like to get this resource to as many parents and students as possible. To do that, we’d like to ask you to share this guide with your community by linking to it on your COVID-19 Resources page. is a leading online education resource making learning accessible for over 30 million students and educators a month. We believe that your community would benefit from this resource and would appreciate it if you linked to our guide on Teen Mental Health During Quarantine Guide.

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