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Pensacola, Fla: January 4, 2021 — Local Managed IT Services Provider, Digital Boardwalk, announces their new website design and development division, Smarter Web. Smarter Web will serve small- and medium-sized businesses, crafting new and improved websites optimized for search engines and conversions and providing an array of complimenting digital marketing services, including search engine marketing and online advertising campaigns.

Smarter Web aims to set itself apart from many other website development companies through extensive knowledge of business needs and processes, as well as a unique pricing model that makes fully optimized websites more affordable for smaller businesses.

Digital Boardwalk’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen help them understand what an SMB’s website needs—more than just pretty pictures and a mobile responsive design, but content specifically designed to capture, engage, and convert a potential customer.

In addition, Smarter Web’s unique subscription pricing allows them to offer premium, enterprise-level services at a price that is affordable. Instead of charging businesses thousands of dollars up-front for a website that doesn’t scale with the business after go-live, the subscription model allows Smarter Web to continue to expand and improve a business’s website and online presence as needed.

“Smarter Web allows us to build websites that are more than a static brochure. We want to give our clients a living, breathing organism that scales with their business,” says Digital Boardwalk CEO, Tim Shoop. “The digital marketing landscape is one of the most important tools for the success of the modern business. We have built and scaled several of our own successful businesses using the same techniques we are now providing to others. I am excited to announce this launch, after years of running it as a pilot program at Digital Boardwalk.”

Smarter Web officially launched in mid-December 2020. More information can be found at

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