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Lakeland, FL – The volume of COVID-19 patients at the Medical Center in the last couple of weeks has remained steady. Right now, we have 59 COVID-19 positive patients in our Medical Center and 7 COVID-19 patients awaiting testing results.

As our country and much of the world experience a second surge in COVID-19 cases, our infectious disease experts urge residents to stay vigilant: Wear masks, avoid large gatherings, wash hands and keep socially distant. As we take care of our community during the flu and cold season, we want to ensure that you are kept informed of how the local hospital is faring during the pandemic.


Lakeland Regional Health is committed to offering the most convenient and accurate testing options to the community, now using six testing platforms to ensure patients receive the timeliest care.

Among these options, we begin using this week a Cepheid testing platform that tests for RSV, influenza and COVID-19 at the same time.

Our Urgent Care and Pediatric locations continue to offer COVID-19 testing, as do our Drive-Thru Testing Centers in North and South Lakeland and our Pediatric Testing Center at our Children’s Emergency Department. Our Pediatric Testing Center continues to see a high volume of patients.


We currently have 751 patients admitted to our Medical Center, with 47% of our Intensive Care Unit beds available for patients. Please be reminded that these numbers change rapidly as patients are discharged or moved and new patients are admitted.


  • Community members are urged to get their flu shots, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. Residents can now receive flu shots without an appointment at our Urgent Care locations at Lake Miriam and Pablo Campus and our Walk-In location at Gateway. Severe complications from the flu include pneumonia, sepsis and inflammation of the heart, which often result in hospitalization.
  • While our community remains socially distant and prepares for a second surge in COVID-19 cases, we know that the continued isolation from friends and family members can take a toll on behavioral wellness. Our Behavioral Health experts have prepared the following blog post on “Combatting COVID-19 Fatigue.” In addition, you will find behavioral health resources available at our online COVID-19 Business Resource Center, You can also refer your readers and viewers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800.273.8255.
  • One symptom of COVID-19 has been newly identified, called parosmia. Thousands of COVID-19 patients report smelling scents – often unpleasant ones – that don’t exist. Our Ear, Nose and Throat specialists are available to talk about this smell disorder.
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