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Lakeland, FL – While COVID-19 cases in the community have had a slight uptick, Lakeland Regional Health has seen patient volume significantly decrease over the last week at its Medical Center. Right now, we have 44 COVID-19 positive patients in our Medical Center and 18 COVID-19 patients awaiting testing results.

As businesses, universities and schools continue to reopen and long-term care facilities observe new visitation procedures, we want to ensure that our community is kept informed of how the local hospital is faring during the pandemic.


Testing turnaround times have significantly improved at all of our testing sites, and we continue to explore additional testing platforms.

Medical Center: Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center continues to use same-day, in-house testing for emergency procedures and other similar patient situations. These testing kits are still in very short supply.

LRH Emergency Department and Drive-Thru Testing Centers: Turnaround times are 2 to 5 days.

LRH Respiratory Care Center: Results continue to be returned the next day.

NEW! Pediatric Testing Center: Test results are returned the next day. In its first week of operation, we have been seeing an average of 40 patients per day at the Pediatric Testing Center.

NEW! Parents of public-school children are encouraged to inquire about the type of COVID-19 test administered at a testing site. Currently, certain COVID-19 testing platforms are not accepted by by Polk County Public Schools for return-to-school purposes. While the school system continues to evaluate and clarify this process, Lakeland Regional Health’s Drive-Thru Testing Centers and our Pediatric Testing Center are equipped with approved COVID PCR testing.


We currently have 703 patients admitted to our Medical Center, with 54% of our Intensive Care Unit beds available for patients. Please be reminded that these numbers change rapidly as patients are discharged or moved and new patients are admitted.


  • Our infectious disease specialists remind you that even though many universities, schools and businesses have reopened, it remains just as important – and maybe more so – to wear masks, avoid large gatherings, wash hands and stay informed from reliable sources. If your child is awaiting test results for COVID-19 or if a member of your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please keep your child home from school.
  • Residents are encouraged to get their flu shots, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. Flu vaccines just became available in our Primary Care, Urgent Care and Walk-In locations. Call 863.284.5000 to schedule a flu shot with a Primary Care Provider, or just conveniently walk in to our Lake Miriam Urgent Care or Gateway Walk-In locations.
  • NEW! Do not delay care. We understand that visiting medical facilities can seem daunting right now, but it is important to share with your readers and viewers the importance of not putting off routine exams, such as mammograms or colonoscopies. The National Cancer Institute estimates there could be 10,000 additional breast and colorectal cancer deaths over the next decade as a result of missed screenings and delayed diagnoses and treatment. Our oncology experts at Hollis Cancer Center would be glad to speak on this important topic.
  • NEW! A strong immune system will help in fighting a virus or infection. Ample sleep supports a good immune system. Those with sleep deprivation, such as those with sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, weakens the body’s defense system. You may want to speak with one of our Pulmonologists about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.
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