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Amid the still-ongoing tension and uncertainty afflicting the Lakeland Community as a whole, and especially small businesses, Duffy & Lee Carpet Company has offered a hopeful solution for those struggling with tight budgets.

The Duffy & Lee Carpet Company services both central and southern Florida from their Lakeland and Fort Lauderdale locations. With their expert knowledge of carpeting and flooring requirements, they have been successful in forming strong relationships with suppliers and work closely with commercial carpet manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors and other professionals within the commercial construction industry.

One service provided by Duffy & Lee, and utilized by many Hospitality Clients, is their storage of flooring materials. This is helpful in case a client needs to make any future flooring repairs or area add-ons. Most hospitality clients, however, change their overall carpet design every 5 to 7 years. Because of this, any stored material ends up unused.

Upon seeing this occur time and time again, Duffy & Lee reached out to a South Florida client and suggested the donation of their unused material to ReStores; independently owned stores operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations. At these reuse stores, donated home improvement items are sold to the public at a fraction of the retail price.

When a client decides to donate, Duffy & Lee makes the arrangements to deliver the material to the closest ReStore location. The provided carpeting comes in rolls that are 12 to over 100 feet wide by various lengths and in multiple patterns.

Through this organized effort, Habitat Humanity is able to gain income for various programs and at the same time, the community is provided access to affordable flooring. For hotels, restaurants, retail stores, venues and small businesses looking for new flooring on a budget, this is an especially good opportunity.

After seeing the great success that has amounted for Habitat Humanity and the business community as a whole in their Fort Lauderdale location, Duffy & Lee are spreading the word to Lakeland with high hopes.

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